Florida eases penalties for teen sexting

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Before Saturday, a Florida teenager who sent or received nude photos or video could have been charged with a felony and forced to register as a sex offender.

But they fixed it. Now you get community service and a fine, but if you keep getting caught, you eventually get charged with a felony.

In related news, it turns out that a main cause of sexting is “peer pressure.”

Both young men and women experience peer pressure to share sexual images via the new phenomenon of ‘sexting’, preliminary findings from a University of Melbourne study has found.

‘Sexting’ is the practice of sending and receiving sexual images on a mobile phone.

The study is one of the first academic investigations into ‘sexting’ from a young person’s perspective in Australia. The findings were presented to the 2011 Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Canberra

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2 thoughts on “Florida eases penalties for teen sexting

  1. A victory for common sense. There was a huge sexting scandal somewhere across town down hear the bay a couple years back and a girl was convicted of distributing underage porn of herself and was placed on the sexual offenders register. I actually wrote a letter to Rick Perry requesting that measures be taken to have her criminal record erased and her name expunged from the register.

    Sex offender registers should be reserved for those people who might be a likely threat to their communities. Teenage sexters are no threat, and many convicted of statutory rape are no threat.

    Making sexters into registered sex offenders does not make the world a better place and makes no one safer. And the natural risks inherent in sexting are enough of a deterrent.

    Let the kids take their chances, have their fun, and suffer the natural consequences when things go wrong.

  2. Let the kids take their chances, have their fun, and suffer the natural consequences when things go wrong.

    Why do you want to make baby Jesus cry?

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