Homophobia? There’s an app for that…

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I am not surprised but I am annoyed.

Google’s Android Marketplace is selling smartphone owners of all ages an app which promises to answer what they think is a pressing question: “Is My Son Gay?”

If we alert the Google team to this outrageous questionnaire, we’re sure they’ll do the right thing and shut it down.

Go sign the damn petition.

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7 thoughts on “Homophobia? There’s an app for that…

  1. I think I would prefer not to see Google take action on this. I sort of like the anarchic nature of the Google Marketplace, that virtually any app can be sold, even if many people might find it offensive. Not that I approve of the app, of course, just not sure I want Google bringing down the banhammer.

  2. I’m fine with an app like that, as long as you can only get your results if fill out the following questionnaire:

    “Do I love my son?”

    1: Did you fill out the previous questionnaire?

    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    If you answered “Yes”, then you do not love your son.

  3. Won’t be filling out the form.

    I agree the app is homophobic and should be shunned – but it’s a free speech issue.

    The cure is more speech.

    Get someone to develop an ‘Are my parents homophobic bigots?’ app.

  4. I protested a homophobic app in the iPhone AppStore, but I don’t think I would for Android. Apple tightly control what gets into the iPhone AppStore: if it’s in, they approve of it, and they shouldn’t be approving of homophobia. Google do not tightly control what gets into the Android Marketplace, so it’s a free speech issue.


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