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Just wanted you to know, for those who have asked, I have indeed written something on the tragic fate of Troy Davis. Here: Day of Justice, Day of Shame: The killing of Troy Davis.

I just sent off my submission to the Minnesota Atheist Book Project. If you were thinking of doing that, better get moving, the deadline is coming up. Details here.

I want to note that Sheril Kirshenbaum is running a series of guest posts on her blog, Culture of Science, and has two up already: Calling All New Ideas for 21st Century Science Funding, and Mitigation Via Domestication: The Link Between Global Climate Change and Community Effectuation.

OK I’ve gotta go get some stuff done now …. trying to clear my schedule so I can watch the XFactor on TV tonight without interruption! It’s gonna be good!

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6 thoughts on “Just a few things …

  1. I believe that DMAG may be making a different point. It’s a commonly made one. Troy Davis may or may not have been guilty of this partiuclar homicide, but he was certainly not innocent. Inner city black male, prolly had a record as long as your arm. If he hadn’t done anything really bad yet, he would eventually. Just as well. Etc. etc.

  2. No, Davis was guilty of shooting McPhaill. Just as he was guilty of shooting another individual in the face that evening and pistol whipping a homeless man. A racially divers jury thought so based on the physical evidence as well as the eyewitness testimony and several additional appeals also thought so. If you believe all of these individuals were wrong then you really don’t belong in the reality based community.

  3. OMG I’ve just been thrown out of the reality based community.

    Did you read my post on this at the XBlog by the way? You have yet to contradict what I have said about this matter. If you have an argument with what I’ve said over there, you might want to bring it up on comments on that post.

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