My 9/11 anniversary blog post

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is actually over at Freethoughtblogs. Please have a look.

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4 thoughts on “My 9/11 anniversary blog post

  1. PeacefulPatriot, we do have a rule here… this is not a denialist link farm. Thus, your link is deleted but I’ll leave up your post so there will be a reference point later if and when you need to yell at me for repressing you.

  2. Greg, you are one of my favorite sources for anthropological and archaeological tidbits. (Blame Chad Oliver for my interest in this.) I do wish you would settle down into one blog, so I knew where to find your writings. I’ll even link to it. Right now, I just don’t know where “it” is.

  3. I don’t know what you’re getting at here. Especially, the part about the EULA makes no sense. And where do I see this “police state” except as the title of an Alex Jones show?

  4. Let us grow out of the silly idea that a bunch of cave dwelling Afghanis were able to pull something like that off!

    How about we grow out of the silly racist idea that “dark-skinned heathen savages” are too stupid and/or retarded to do anything seriously harmful to white people?

    Also, how about asshats like Peaceful Jingoist actually study the incident already? The people who hijacked those planes weren’t “cave dwelling Afghanis,” they were mostly Saudi, better educated than most Republicans (not that that’s saying much), and went to Afghanistan to train. The fact that people like Peaceful Racist still haven’t got that distinction — after TEN FUCKING YEARS OF WAR — really speaks volumes about their mindset.

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