Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

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6 thoughts on “Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

  1. Well, it was alarmist, all right. It was also alarmingly poor. There was zero consideration that our society is simply raising boys more or less as it has for the last several decades while the world is changing rapidly. But no, we’ll blame the easy suspects while ignoring that girls have and use access to the same things without encountering similar problems.

  2. Boys are “Out of sync with romantic relationships,”he says–which is probably not a bad thing considering that women having sex with young boys is on the rise.

    Yeah, that IS really alarming–as if romance is all men need to complete them.Wait: then they would be girls, right?

    That is alarming all right.

    Steph:”our society is simply raising boys more or less as it has for the last several decades while the world is changing rapidly.”

    I think you missed the part where he said that boys are plugged in, and their brains are being “digitally re-wired.”

    Yeah–raising boys is exactly the same–except for the constant drubbing at them with memes like “real women want men who can relate to them.”

    First women are scared to death of rape in elevators, now scared to death because “boys” aren’t interested in them. Porn is stealing all the sperm supply!!!

    Where the heck is my is my “have cake and eat it too” fork….?

    Sig Hail Monogamy!!

    Now I know why 12-year-old boys kill people–it’s the lack of romance, internet porn, and video games!!

  3. Actually, the complaints cited in the video were from guys who were afraid they didn’t know how to relate to women, not the other way around. Nor do I see anyone on this topic hollering specifically for monogamy.

  4. “Hollering”? Steph said hollering? I just love it when you get colloquial;-)

    *colloquial crush* <3<3<3

    Yeah, I admit, was listening through the video while a woman next to me was relating facts about her cheating ass husband (a path narc) and her nephews god mother who happens to be a presidential candidate and one of this blogs favorite subjects. Starts with M.

    But I didn't see anywhere in there where it was men chatting in his ear about it.

    And really, two points of contention, dripping with gender bias and reality honey: 1) remember? anecdote doesn't count, right? and 2) really, I have to take everything gay men say with a grain of salt( I mean my gadar says "maybe-to very-likely")--as he does himself--in the video. Sorry, that's just my bias--too many years working around gay men I guess.

    I mean really--I don't know any straight man who would consider J-lo anything but a predator, and he uses her as an example of how f@cked men are watching tv in bars( just look at her latest manipulation and successful conquest of almost-gay Marc Anthony)--and then jumping to causation of a "non-problem"!!

    It isn't men complaininh here, it is Naomi Wolf, and allof those other concern trolls who want to stick their fingers in the places and pockets of the porn industry(pause...)

    This is just one more example of women, and women's Cause-PR, and fear-PR agents spinning themselves into straight male domains, in the thin disguise of a war on internet porn.

    Nothing short of more sexism diorected at men. I mean, show me one good study of womens sexuality that includes the dangers of romance novels, vibrators, or internet chat? I bet they don't exist; but what does exist is s subtle revolution by men against sexual programming from women.

  5. Steph–also, I just fully contextualized what you initially said–your right: girls do look at porn and game, etc.

    The problem is that it is a non-problem, and you are right, it is alarmist, and alarmingly poorly constructed as an argument.

    I will be writing mean rude things about stupid, calculatedly deceptive sex-negative Naomi Wolf and her comments about porn earlier this year that are an affront to common sense, and truth.

  6. Thanks Steph, keep it up. I’m hereby sending a care package full of top quality patience your way, should you need it some day.

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