Magic Backpack and Things To Do on Sunday

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I don’t know if I should worship my backpack or drive a wooden stake through its heart and shoot it with silver bullets. For three days I obsessively looked through every pocket knowing my keys were in there somewhere, and never found them. Today, I was looking for something else and guess what popped out. I had the same backpack in Mexico a couple of years ago, and stuck a bottle of some cool looking hot sauce I picked up in a small market in one of the pockets. Forgot about it. That backpack then traveled with me, Julia, or Amanda to four cities and three or four countries over the next year or so before the Department of Homeland Security found the sauce. The backpack? It’s one of these, with, like, two zillion pockets.

Now, a couple of items for you: Don’t forget that Abbie Smith of ERV will be the next guest on Skeptically Speaking. The details about the live interview, to be done Sunday Afternoon, are here.

But before that, don’t forget to wake up early in the morning to catch Matthew Chapman on Atheist Talk Radio on Sunday (details here when available).

That is all for now.

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3 thoughts on “Magic Backpack and Things To Do on Sunday

  1. I left Canada a decade ago to live in Asia so I don’t know if attitudes have changed, but it used to be that a man with a backpack was viewed by the stupid as “weird”, the same way that the stupid respond to men riding bicycles. Other westerners I’ve met here tell me the same attitude was or is still prevalent in North America, as if “functionality equals homosexuality”.

    People here are less prone to stick their noses into other people’s business. Carrying a backpack here, in the city or country, is almost a necessity with so many things one needs to carry daily (e.g. a phrasebook, a map, a leatherman, etc.) or all the gadgets some men carry (e.g. netbooks, dayplanners). Most men carry some sort of bag, so it’s not a big deal.

    I heard a piece of advice about running shoes that applies to backpacks: If you find one you like, buy more than one in case the company stops making them. For shoes, that might mean 4-6 pairs, but for a backpack, probably two. The backpack I had previous to my current one was great, and the company did stop manufacturing it, which was disappointing.


  2. Vilnai, Ben-Gurion yakınlarında düzenlenen ve füze savunmasıyla ilgili uluslararası bir konferansta yaptıÄ?ı konuÅ?mada, özür dilenmesine karÅ?ı direnen DıÅ?iÅ?leri Bakanı Avigdor Lieberman’a yüklendi

  3. The worst backpack I ever owned had about a million (okay, 20+) pockets. I could never find what I was looking for, ever! I now have a very simple backpack – one main compartment, two side pockets (which I never use), and one small pocket attached to the main compartment. Nothing gets lost, it is great!

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