Republicans and Sanity

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The twain shall never meet. Below the fold. Not work safe. Do not be drinking coffee. Sex with demons!

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I always thought homosexual were savage. Glad to see the Illuminati are in charge still.

Thank you Right Wing Watch and Rachel Maddow. Hat Tip PZ Myers.

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15 thoughts on “Republicans and Sanity

  1. I’m not sure that this is 100% accurate, but it’s not far off (IMO).

    “Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance smothered in balloons and ribbons.” Frank Zappa.

  2. The Statue of Liberty a demonic idol?

    The Illuminati stated their goal is to limit the world population to 500 million? Can I get a copy of that memo.

    The healthcare bill is so the Illuminati can make that happen?

    Oprah is the harbinger of the anti-christ? I guess that makes Rick Perry the harbinger of stupidity

  3. The 5 hundred million population figure comes from the Georgia Guidestones. The Guidestones are a combination secularist/new-agey monument near Elberton, Georgia. They are mega cool:

    The Guidestones have attracted the wrath of anti-NWO folks. They have been vandalized many times.

    I’m hoping for a hurricane to hit between Galveston and Rockport that will cancel flights and cause evacuations that prevent this rally. That would give us the rain we need.

  4. Feed the poor, help the sick, love your neighbor in the gospels these were things that Jesus did but in 2011 these same acts done with compassion are signs of a growing evil.

    This sounds less like Christianity and more like a personality cult of the preacher as only the preacher can look at two identical actions and see one a divine and the other evil.

  5. My Black Monolith tops the Georgia Guidestones.
    PS -are there any sane Republicans left anywhere? I assume they would have to temper their stupidity in mostly hispanic or mostly black regions. What about New England?

  6. Re sex with demons, the idiot is referring to the idea that the Japanese Imperial Family are descended from the Sun Goddess(NOT demon) Amaterasu. She is fully described as ‘Amaterasu-ōmikami, which means “the great august kami who shines in the heaven”. She was born from the left eye of Izanagi as he purified himself in a river and went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain (Takamagahara. So far, par for the course in terms of religious myth.

    Do bear in mind that this myth of “akitsumikami” or divinity in human form, in terms of connection with the Imperial Family, dates back to at least February 11, 660 BC. It should also be noted that the Showa Emperor, in 1946, specifically renounced this myth when he issued and signed the “Humanity Declaration”. Lastly, all Japanese are supposedly descended from the gods of their archipelago, so why single out the emperor of today, who has a purely symbolic function?

    What is fascinating is that this loon obviously believes his half-baked interpretation of this myth. He actually believes that this ‘sex with demons’ encounter might have happened in actuality. He is thus, it seems, in breach of his own faith’s 1st Commandment.

    The first time the rice harvest failed? Failed in Japanese history, he did. The 1732 famine is well known, as is the Temmei famine of 1782-5 and the Tempo famine of the 1830’s.

    Just another deeply ignorant American xtian who travels around the world projecting his ideas onto everyone and everything else. And learns nothing new, because the ‘Religio-Filters'(patent pending) block out any real knowledge or insight.

  7. I notice the irony, one of those Georgia Guidelines is:
    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    Sounds rather conservative to me …

  8. Jafafahots,

    Rockport is still there, though they moved the State Aquarium to Corpus a long time ago. I bet you miss Whataburger.

  9. Could(cud?) someone please help Reverend Right so that Spellcheck could enter his life?

    And yea the world shall be a happier place!

    I mean, a loon is easier to deal with without the jarring effect of the awful spelling.

    And yes, you are a loon, Reverend Right. You are so far removed from reality you cannot see it, even with the help of a radio-telescope.

    You represent all that is best in the reality challenged community;

    a) Lack of any discernible education.

    b) Lack of any connection with reality or facts.

    c) A masochistic eagerness to blame anyone, and everyone, including your sky fairy for the condition of your life.

    d) A refusal to give credit, or accept responsibility, for anything that has or will happen. Anything positive; Godidit. Anything negative; it MUST be Satan.

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