Bachmann Betrays Tea Party, Lays Out Policy of Personal Interest

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If elected president, Michele Bachmann promises to take care of herself; In surprise move, Bachmann backs off tea-party stance on Obama.

The Tea Party, which was essentially founded by Michele Bachmann, has a distinctly anti-Obama stance. The far right wing poorly educated and angry group of fair-weather activists is widely believed to have come into existence primarily because Obama is black, and was voted for by blacks. Even as progressive liberals have observed, head scratching, as Tea Party activists scream about Obama’s (non-existent) ultra-liberal policies, the real explanation for strong anti-Obama activism comes from the hanged effigies and racist iconography linked to the Movement of the Morans. A few weeks ago Bachmann stunned many Tea Party activists by announcing that the whole birther thing was over, and that if Barack Obama says he was born in the United States of America, then we should just trust him and accept that. In a more recent interview, Bachmann went several steps farther.

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann said Sunday her bid to unseat President Barack Obama shouldn’t be viewed as “anything personal” against the Democrat — he’s “just wrong” on his policies for America. … “I don’t have anything personal about our president. But he’s just wrong. But his policy prescriptions have been wrong.”

Regarding policies, Bachmann has clearly defined a number of issues that are personal to her and vowed to work in her own interest. She has long been a supporter of the very wealthy and of the large corporations that pay her campaign costs, and as President, she would pay them back.

She said voters can expect her to propose an economic agenda that includes cuts to corporate taxes and phase-outs of taxes on inheritances and investment earnings


And, she has identified other personal issues. Stating that “I’m a sportswoman. I love the outdoors,” Bachmann vowed to repeal laws that protect the environment except in cases where that would interfere with her own outdoor activities. With respect to the body of laws protecting the part of the environment in which she conducts her own sport, she says “We will keep that.”

Bachmann is running neck and neck for first place in the Republican contest for nomination, a mere percentage point behind the more normal seeming Mitt Romney.


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6 thoughts on “Bachmann Betrays Tea Party, Lays Out Policy of Personal Interest

  1. Perhaps you didn’t see the “Bachmann for President” ad banner at the top of your page:

    “Bachmann for President. A constitutional conservative in 2012. Paid for by Bachmann for president” with a button, “Join Our Team”.

    Irony? 🙂

  2. Scott F et al – You should click on the Bachman Banner!!!
    She will have to pay for the click, so that’s a good thing.

  3. “…mere percentage point behind the more normal seeming Mitt Romney.”

    Next to Michele everyone seems normal. Well, almost everyone.

  4. Dang. For the life of me I can’t get that banner. It usually helps to google so the great gig in the sky knows what you might be interested in, but it’s not working for me.

  5. We here in Canada seem to get “custom” ads including teeth whitening stuff and various other stuff, but not Michele stuff…. something to be said for the GWN (great white north).

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