Miss USA Alyssa Campanella on Evolution

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She was taught evolution in her high school and she sees no problem with it today. In fact, she’s a science geek. Move over Science Cheerleaders and make way for the … no, wait, I don’t think I want to go there …

Anyway, here is the video:

One other contestant (of the presumably 51 or so) was also not a creationist, according to her answer to the question, which was asked of all of the contestants.

I couldn’t hear a word she said… good think I’m an expert lip reader.

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4 thoughts on “Miss USA Alyssa Campanella on Evolution

  1. As hot as Ms Campanella is, one just dies a little on the inside that this is even a frigging question! Should the germ “theory” of disease be taught in schools? The “theory” of relativity? Atomic “theory” and the kinetic “theory” of gases?

    None of these are in thegoodbook either, and they all challenge religious doctrine. But somehow, oh noes! biologist are wrong wrong wrong and we must consider magic and creationist fairy tales along side science in school.

    But YAY! the hot geek won this time!

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