Free Darwin Beer! Cheap Gas! No Traffic Jams! AGW No More!

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Back in my days wandering around in Harvard Square, I used to look at the beautiful churches and think ….

“… those would make great indoor parking garages. And we could put bike racks on the steps. Or maybe indoor farmer’s markets….” But it never happened.

Then, the Rapture came.

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5 thoughts on “Free Darwin Beer! Cheap Gas! No Traffic Jams! AGW No More!

  1. Remember the church at the corner of Beacon & Mass Ave in Boston?


    (It burned maybe 1976? Sent rats streaming out into the streets.)

  2. Mt Vernon Church. Designed by Howard Walker (the church that burned … it was built on an earlier church site). (Much of my ‘wandering’ was as an historic archaeologist active in the city)

    Yes, I had these thoughts in relation to this very church, as a matter of fact. This church was converted at a time, in a decade, when a lot of churches were being converted (but not enough). Of course, it all started with Alice’s Restaurant….

  3. My theory is that the rapture has already occurred, during the lifetime of the apostles, and that some family in el-Amarna was left wondering why Grandma never returned from the well that day.

  4. Or maybe indoor farmer’s markets

    Well: earliest churches took direct inspiration from the roman basilicas which were sometimes used as indoor markets.

  5. We’ve got a heritage-listed church converted to a restaurant for International House of Pancakes in Brisbane, Australia.

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