Tim Pawlenty Lied

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As documented by Dana Milbank, Tim Pawlenty has been telling us that he will be the one who “looks the American people in they eye and tells them the truth” and furthermore that Barak Obama can’t do to that.

Over a period of several hours after announcing his candidacy for the office of President of the United States of America (which was reported in his local hometown newspaper, the Pioneer Press, in a small piece relegated to the Obituary section … the only place that always tells the truth in every newspaper, I suppose) he used the word “truth” eleventy gazillion times in various speeches and interviews. Then he lied.

What happened was this: He ran into BFI, Rush Limbaugh. Rush, who is in charge of the Republican Party, has the job of vetting each and every candidate and then telling the Republicans if it is OK to vote for them in a primary or caucus or not. Rush actually had a good point. He …

… presented Pawlenty with a 2006 newspaper article in which he said that “the era of small government is over” and that “government has to be more proactive, more aggressive.”

Pawlenty tried to claim that he had never said those words, and that he was only repeating someone else’s words. Dana went ahead and did the research on this, to see if Pawlenty was telling the truth.

Pawlenty lied to Rush. He did, in fact, say those words and they are not being taken out of context at all. Tim Pawlenty, hopeful candidate, failed to tell truth to the BFI. Not that the BFI cares about the truth. But still … this could be the end of his campaign.

Have a look at Milbank’s piece … there’s more in it than I’m showing you here and it is very much worth the reed.

Note: BFI = Big Fat Idiot. And, I quickly and proudly note, that even if our former Guberner Tim Pawlenty lies, our Junior Senator, Al Franken, does not.

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3 thoughts on “Tim Pawlenty Lied

  1. “fought for reimporting price-regulated drugs from Canada.”

    Does the irony of this not strike anyone?

    For added sadness, that price-regulation could soon come to an end given the majority government that was just elected here.

  2. Okay. At least it’s not Best Friends, Inc. That would need more brain bleach than the country produces to correct. And ah ain’t gettin’ no brain bleach from no furriners.

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