We are tired of blacks, negrahs, muslims, and hispanics calling us racist

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Tea party clarifies its position on race and racism. Not current, but increasingly relevant:

I didn’t know about the reparations. Did you?

But in all seriousness, I’m so glad the right wing has finally come out of the closet and defined itself honestly.

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17 thoughts on “We are tired of blacks, negrahs, muslims, and hispanics calling us racist

  1. It’s not a POE, it’s a re-enactment style documentary. Excellent representation of how the Tea Party thinks. Or does anyone have any substantive evidence to the contrary? Anyone?

    I thought not….

  2. I love the line:

    “Is it racists not to want the blacks … hispanics … and ignorant, uneducated liberals to vote? Is it racists to only want taxpayers and semi-educated folks to vote?”

    One should always be careful where one draws lines. Otherwise Mr. Warren might find that someday the semi-ignorant and semi-educated will also be excluded.

  3. “I guess this huckleberry is just a racist.” First thing he said that I agreed with, fitting that it came last.

  4. Considering that the guy was selling tshirts off of the cat thing it seems likely that that was just a hoax he made to try to make money. Note that he also runs conservativesportsmen.com so it seems unlikely to have been intended as a parody. I don’t think this is a parody.

    It is however important to realize that this guy seems to be fringe even by the Tea Party standards. Yes, there’s a definite racist element in the Tea Party but most Tea Party members are both not this racist and not this stupid.

  5. In another video he calls for taking up arms against the president. It’s at the end of his ‘rules’ video if anyone feels like looking.

  6. There was a storm of denial and condemnation by every prominent tea party member, wasn’t there……………?

    This guy was asked to resign from any and every Tea Party- affiliated group, wasn’t he……….?

    Or is he just taking the piss, and the money, from the semi-educated teabaggers?

    Actually, while he is, on the face of it, TeaParty 2.0, reaction from the teabagging leadership(which they don’t have) has been zero.

    If he is a poe, he is really into Method Acting.

    On balance, he does seem to believe what he says.

    And still waitng for the flood of statements that “He is not a REAL Tea Party member” and other claims of dissociation…………


  7. I did like the line about Sarah Palin being the fantasy wife of millions. I guess that is how they vote.

  8. That guy must sleep with a respirator. It’s the only way someone so utterly brain damaged manages to breathe in his sleep.


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