The Hopeful Monster Theory Returns Triumphant

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Most evolutionary biologist have fully rejected the “hopeful monster theory” but it turns out they were wrong to do so.

Most mutations are deleterious, and are quickly weeded out of a population but in some cases not before they briefly cause hideous results that make everyone turn away in horror and disgust. But sometimes a hideous mutation can produce something new and amazing, something novel and wonderful, something never before seen and but which we could never imagine the world doing without. Here is an example:

Original Mutation:

F1 Generation:

F2 Generation:

Case closed.


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12 thoughts on “The Hopeful Monster Theory Returns Triumphant

  1. Damn you, Laden! I was blissfully unaware that such a completely inane piece of pop culture existed, and you’ve completely ruined my ignorance! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!

  2. Not only a strong argument in favour of the ‘Hopeful Monster’ theory – more than that, the Original Mutation should also finally put paid to the idea that the Universe was created by a benevolent deity. No ‘Intelligent Design’ would allow for anything even remotely like that to come into existence.

  3. It should have been posted yesterday, not because it was friday, but because it was April 1st.

  4. Did you by any chance see Stephen Colbert on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show doing a sendup of this song*? It was absolutely terrific.

    *Does it seem to you that the probability of this event occurring is vanishingly small?

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