When will this madnes end?

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If you live in Georgia, and have a miscarriage, you will be investigated, if recently introduced legislation is passed. The bill proposed …

… by House Republican Bobby Franklin would make abortion the legal equivalent of murder and require miscarriages to be investigated by authorities.

Franklin’s bill would classify the removal of a fetus from a woman for any reason other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus as “prenatal murder.” Physicians indicted for alleged “prenatal murder” would have their license suspended until they were found innocent of the crime.

Although the legislation would not place any criminal penalties on natural spontaneous abortions, it would require miscarriages to be reported by hospitals and other medical institutions, and a fetal death certificate issued.

The rhetoric from Wisconsin is that the voters voted for the elimination of most collective bargaining when they voted Scott Walker into office. When recently asked if his anti-union efforts are payback against those who supported his opponents, he said, “The simple matter is I campaigned on this all throughout the election. Anybody who says they are shocked on this has been asleep for the past two years.” He gave the same basic story at other times as well. It turns out he lied.

Also in Wisconsin, a pro-union website has been blocked for access via the Capitol’s Wi-Fi connection.

Anyone trying to use the state Capitol’s Wi-Fi connection to access www.defendwisconsin.org Monday and early Tuesday received an error message.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Teacher Assistants created the website to share information with protesters and let them know where volunteers were needed. Democratic party officials claimed that it was available at the Capitol until at least last Friday.

“In a direct assault on the First Amendment, Scott Walker’s administration is blocking access in the Wisconsin Capitol to opposition websites,” Wisconsin Democratic Party press secretary Graeme Zielinski told CNN.

Who controls Scott Walker anyway? Turns out, the Koch Brothers do, as revealed in this pranked call in which someone faked being David Koch calling the real Scott Walker:

Wow, Imma try that. Who should I be? Who should I call?

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15 thoughts on “When will this madnes end?

  1. Second Video, 3:50: Conspiracy. Violation of election law if he thinks he is talking about someone buying ads.

    Second Video, 4:40: Conspiracy to violate right to assembly (“we thought about it”).

    Second Video, 8:00: Made me throw up a little in my mouth. Demonstrates what lots are saying about Republican long term plan to dismantle the middle class.

    Last few seconds: OMG.

  2. … It’s rare lately that my cynical walls are breached but the “removal of a fetus for any reason” and “guilty until proven innocent of the crime” bits are mind numbingly chilling… also and I swear I read those exact words in A Handmaids Tale. FFS.

  3. HF 646 introduced 2/21/11 in the Minnesota Legislature. The “Reproductive Privacy Act.”
    Sec. 2. [145D.03] FINDINGS.
    The legislature finds that every individual possesses a fundamental right of privacy with respect to personal reproductive decisions. The legislature further finds that:
    (1) every individual has the fundamental right to choose or refuse birth control;
    (2) every woman has the fundamental right to choose to bear a child or to choose and obtain an abortion before fetal viability or to terminate the pregnancy after fetal viability when necessary to protect the life or health of the woman; and
    (3) the state shall not deny or interfere with a woman’s fundamental right to choose to bear a child or to choose to obtain an abortion.

  4. What a pathetic bunch of hypocrites. These Christian Taliban glide into office claiming that there’s too much government interference in people’s personal lives and then proceed to try and legislate their psychotic religious dogmas, working to create a fascist police state. Do they feel it’s OK to interfere in people’s personal lives provided they’re women?

  5. To anyone who says that the Beast’s call was unethical, I would say that the government will happily do the same to you. This asshole talked quite freelyâ?¦

    And has been stated elsewhere, instead of encouraging people to want to bring everyone up to a higher level, they’ve got people wanting to bring everyone else down to their own.

  6. “…until they were found innocent of the crime.”

    I’m confused. Verdicts are guilty or not guilty, right? Who would find the folks involved “innocent”?

  7. I think we should just let the right wing crazies pass every stupid idea into law they come up with. A year of that and even the dimmest of sheeple would wake up.

  8. Ummm Paco, the dimmest of sheeple are the right wing crazies & nothing will wake them up.

    The only hope humanity has is that maybe it can evolve past the paredolia that generates religion.

  9. Greg @ 11: So you are saying a person just has to have the secret, er, heritage, to get a pass on this? Got it – I should have before.

  10. Quote about miscarriages: “…and a fetal death certificate issued.”

    So does that mean I need to have a fetal birth certificate filled out every time I ejaculate in a woman?

    Boy… sure hope EPT can get their accuracy up to 100%, otherwise a false positive and the subsequent visit from Aunt Flow will result in an investigation and a waste of state money and resources. Good thing we’re in such great financial shape to be able to waste money like that. Maybe the investigations are like tax-cuts and they pay for themselves.

    Wow, what a well thought-out proposal.


  11. When will this madness end?

    My guess is when the Singularity or an unfriendly AGI or the runaway greenhouse or something eliminates biological humanity.

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