Behold the Nimravids

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Dinosaurs aren’t the only source of fascination for paleontologists. Paleontology is a descriptive science that uses a variety of sources for information on how evolution has shaped life to what it currently currently consists of, and paleontologists look to the past through fossilized bones, mineralized records of the tracks and trails of botany, genetic records in modern DNA and geological records of the life that once populated the environments of the past.

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5 thoughts on “Behold the Nimravids

  1. Larry, you just need to type in a Minnesota zip code on the AM950 site and then you will be able to listen. 55113, 55126, etc., etc., I know, not much help now after the fact, but for future shows…

  2. Karen, ah thanx….. being Canadian and having no idea what the digits were would have made for a guessing game I wouldn’t win anytime soon. Still, it is weird that they make any kind of restriction to people listening to their radio station. Kind of rubs the fur the wrong way. Isn’t the idea to ‘broadcast’ your signal? Is there perhaps a regulation that would be broken if they allowed anyone to listen? I draw a complete blank on this one.

  3. Larry, I think that the reason that the station has it set up that way is because the advertisers are local. There is very little national advertising during our show, at least, and they don’t think that the advertisers would gain much from having a large worldwide audience. Shortsighted, I agree.

    But, it is nice of Karen to share how zip codes work for Minnesota. I need to put that in the Minnesota Atheist announcements for each show. I am glad, also that you want to listen from Canada. We are fortunate that they don’t restrict access by only allowing U.S. IP addresses, which can be a frustration for international audiences.

    I was really pissed that I couldn’t watch the Canadian broadcasts of the 2010 Winter Games, except when I was up in Northern Minnesota, where the cable lineup includes the CBC and CTV.

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