Olive Skinned? Republican Rep Connie O’Brien has your number!

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Wanna know what tabagging racism sounds like? Go to about 2 minutes, listen through 4 minutes or so.

Back story at Think Progress

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10 thoughts on “Olive Skinned? Republican Rep Connie O’Brien has your number!

  1. So the girl had no ID and she couldn’t get a grant? Boohoo, NOT. Either she was an illegal or a scam artist. Sorry but you can’t even buy Sudafed without ID, so I am supposed to feel bad for a girl asking for thousands in tax payer assistance with not a shred of proof who she is? Plz.

  2. @John Brill…

    The point of this posting is not that the girl couldn’t get financial aid. The point was that Connie O’Brien said she knew that the girl was an illegal alien because of the color of her skin.

    I agree that if you don’t have a valid ID, you shouldn’t get financial aid. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re in the country illegally. My kids don’t have IDs, are they illegals? According to O’Brien, they aren’t. They have the right skin pigmentation.

  3. You underestimate her telepathic abilities. Connie O’Brien need only to be in the line of sight to scan the brains and look for the cognitive self-contradictions that indicate a True American(TM). An absence of these indications means the person is an illegal immigrant or a traitor.

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