Is social networking for political action just a covert form of …. Community Organizing?

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Youth for Tolerance, Invisible Children, Save Darfur coalition, Million votes against farc … Who are these organizations connected to? There is a long list of them. Who is the US State Department working with? MTV? NBC? We need to keep an eye on them. We can’t tell if they are right or clean or left or dirty. Are they front groups? There is a long list of them. You need to do your own homework but don’t use a Google search. It seems like Google may be in bed with the government. Why is Google being kicked out of all of the other countries of the world? Is Google just a shill for the United States Government? Who is Jared Cohen exactly? Is he a private citizen or is he a secret operative working for the United States Government? He is the second Google executive who has been exposed as an instigator of a revolution. Are you really comfortable with a government partnering covertly with media organization and search engines, with social networking, so they can Bring Change that the people in Washington has designed? Are they using what we used to call Propaganda, but that we not call … Community Organizing?

Dog Whistles and Conspiracy Prompts have been italicized.

You might ask where I got these crazy ideas. Below the fold:

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10 thoughts on “Is social networking for political action just a covert form of …. Community Organizing?

  1. Ok, I would love to just pass this guy off as “he’s fucking nuts, there’s nothing to see here, let’s move along,” but some people think he’s sane, and even worse, intelligent. A large number of these same people vote, and an even larger number buy into his conspiracy theories. It’s amazing that a borderline schizophrenic that doesn’t take medicine for it can be believed by so many people…

  2. Beck, his show, and his audience, have always struck me as the political versions of Jerry Springer, his show, and his audience.

    Same lack if intellectual work by the hosts, mindless pap on the shows, and clueless, gullible folks, sitting back and screaming for more.

  3. It’s clear that Beck’s demographic is the ludicrously old – people who fear technology, in essence, newer than the radio – and the insane.

    The big difference I see between Beck and Limbaugh is that Beck really seems to believe his own claptrap.

  4. I made it twelve seconds in. I’ve seen way too much Glen Beck in my lifetime. (That would be a total of about three minutes.)

  5. “It seems like Google may be in bed with the government.”

    God, how long did it take to work that out? The internet was built by the defense dept, the backbone is controlled by uniforms and spooks. Google could not possibly do what it does without some very serious taps into this backbone. You betcha they are just Echelon, rebranded.

  6. As a supporter of Invisible Children, as well as many other great organizations Beck listed, I find this piece to be particularly offensive. It is an attack not only on NGO and companies with ethics, but it is an attack on a few NGO’s that are truly doing good in their countries of operation. None of the band-aide style solutions.

  7. “Finally a man who speaks what we do not want to hear. Not some Democratic politician who only speaks what we want to hear.”

    Would it occur to you that we don’t want to hear it because there is absolutely no proof at all that any of it is correct?

    (Looks at Chase’s website)
    NO, no, the importance of honesty would never occur to you.

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