Tiger Woods has gone too far.

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I did not get on the Tiger Hating bandwagon when it was revealed that he had a wife and 19 girlfriends. First, I’m sure they were all having a great time at some point. Second, I can see where his wife would be pissed off but she did marry a golfer after all. What else was she expecting???? Finally, there’s like a billion people in this world whose children just died or will soon die of some preventable disease and Tiger Woods, his wife and his girlfriends don’t have a problem like that, so boo hoo.

I was unfazed by the big maneno over the car crash. Again, “first world problems” of the rich and famous, especially golfers, do not impress me. It is a bit more annoying that he has golfed like a Third Rate Hack for the entire golf season, as well as the pre-season and post season.1 But since I could care less (or not) about golf, then, well, I couldn’t care less about that.

But now, Tiger Woods has gone to far. He spit on the green.


Unbefuckingleivable, Tiger. Do you not know? Athletes can have sex with as many women as they want. Athletes can treat their wives like the subjects of country western songs (“Your wandering ways have gone too far; For every girl you’ve had, I’ll put a dent in your car”). Athletes can even have a really really bad season. But …

… Athletes. Do. Not. Spit.

Well, I guess I don’t really care that much, golf season is almost over.1 And, Baseball season is about to start! Yay!

1Does golf even have a “pre” and “post” season? A season? These are unknowable things.

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6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods has gone too far.

  1. Remember a certain boxer a few years back? It is OK to rape a small, teenage girl, but actually biting a fellow boxer in the ear is a violation of the unwritten rules laid down by cigar-smoking gentlemen thorough the history of The Noble Art of Self-Defence (snark). THAT is unforgivable!

  2. Funny that spitting is almost a requirement for baseball, and is coupled with it’s mate…. chewing tobacco. I almost forgot why I dislike baseball so much. It’s not the boredom of the play or the kazillion games they play each season…. it’s the mouths full of chaw and the relentless spitting. To each their own I guess 🙂

  3. This kerfluffle about Tiger’s “indiscretion” is understandable (sort of) when you remember that golf is the game where everyone must be quiet while the participant tries to hit a stationary ball.

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