The US House has just voted to repeal the health care reform law

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The U.S. House of Representatives voted 245-189 to repeal President Obama’s health care law.

I’m sure I’m speaking to the converted here, but if you happen to live in a US Congressional district with one of those representatives who voted to repeal this law, I’d like to pass on one whopping big “Fuck You” for not doing enough in the last election.

And, if you don’t like that, feel free to send me one as well, because I live in one of those districts. My representative is a virtual clone of Michel Bachmann but without the big hair. And he will be hearing from me.


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25 thoughts on “The US House has just voted to repeal the health care reform law

  1. Shocking, I say, shocking!

    PS Why the profamity? Isn’t your blog “culture as science, science as culture”? Not much culture on this posting.

  2. It doesn’t matter how much I do when more than half the district is apparently certifiable and loves the big-haired nut job. But I accept your criticism and vow to work even harder next election cycle.

  3. Wow. Well you guys almost had universal healthcare. But I’m sure you’ll all be better off if kids die because their parents can’t afford healthcare. I mean, they were probably just going to grow up to be on welfare or in prison, right? Right?

  4. Actually, itzac, I work with two people who want the bill repealed because (in their eyes) it will cause young folks to go to jail. Their thought process summarized:
    1) This is the first step to the imposition of socialism in the United States
    2) Under socialism people will stop working because the state will provide for them
    3) With the free time from not working they will turn to crime

    That’s basically it. Of course, these people live in Grand Rapids, MI, and are quite conservative politically and in their choice of religion. The scary thing: they too teach – one teaches management, the other accounting.

  5. I’m convinced at this point that the USA is a lost cause and I’m frankly tired of trying to save the Titanic with a sand pail and a pack of bubblegum, while fighting a huge mob of fuckwits who are actively taking pickaxes and dynamite to the sides of the ship in order to “let the water out”. I plan on jumping on the nearest lifeboat asap, and floating away with my middle finger in the air.

  6. Let’s be clear, last year’s healthcare bill has not been repealed. It will not be repealed by this congress. Period. All that has happened is that the House Republicans have wasted two days on a taxpayer funded Party pep rally. I want my money back.

  7. Unfortunately this vote will mena little when the marxist dictators in the senate get a hold on it. That’s why we have to starve it of all funding. I would be ok with keeping this unconstitutional marxist monstrosity if they would just delete the MANDATE part where they force me against my will to purchase something I may or may not wish to purchase, but we know that will never happen. I say we take all the people who want “universal healthcare” (marxism) and deport them to cuba where Micheal Moore’s dream helathcare system happens to be.

    America is a constitutional republic and it is against the very founding of America to adopt evil marxism. We leave that to third world DICKtators marx wannabes. Anyone who likes the system of infanticide, death panels, income redistribution, forced slave labor through unions, etc, should get the hell out of a constitutional republic and join Cuba or Venezuala or some country other than this one.

    We all know this HELLthcare law will bankrupt America. That’s what the fascists designed it to do way back in the 1990s when this thing was written. It was designed to destroy America and replace it with a socialist peice of shit government. Of course we are not far from that right now. I say while we have the majority, we make it a federal crime to be in politics and be a socialist at the same time.

    We need to go back to doing things the way things were done before Wilson and FDR took over. From there, we can start anew and destroy communism once and for all.

  8. There’s plenty of room in Canada, but most people like to live near the heating vents. Anyway I’ve found a couple of other countries that would be beautiful to immigrate to and have their own heating, but Im not sharing the names because I don’t want the competition when I try to move.

    What’s funny (funny boo hoo not funny haha) is there was all this talk about debate from the republicans. When did that take place? The vote was nothing but theater, the republicans know the repeal will not pass the senate, a veto, and a subsequent vote. So this is strictly to appeal to the base base of the party. Im sure the republicans are already moving onto the next critical bill, the repeal of the repeal of the father-raping DADT bill.

  9. if they would just delete the MANDATE part where they force me against my will to purchase something I may or may not wish to purchase

    I have to pay for a school even though I have no kids in school (yet).

    I have to pay for more than twice as much garbage collection as I need. I don’t have the option of having none.

    I have to accept junk mail I do not want from the USPS.

    For the many years I did not own a car, I was required to pay sales tax to support roads I did not use. (Yes, I know I buy foods delivered by truck, work with me here)

    I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. In any society other than a private Island, we are required to pay for a lot of things.

  10. Captain Patretard:
    What are you doing on the internet?
    Don’t you know that while you were here democrats broke into your house and stole yer gunz?

  11. #7. I too have recently come to the same conclusion only I can’t afford to go anywhere else (yet). Too bad we can’t just leave these crazy people to destroy themselves. I am seriously considering becoming an expat but I don’t know where I should go yet. I need a place that I can afford, acclimate to enough to survive, and respect enough to live in.

  12. You could always come here to Cyprus. That’s the island in the Mediterranean, not some town in Takes-arse or wherever. It’s also a member of the E.U.
    The health care here is slow and limited, but, if you’re an EU citizen, it’s free. If not, it’s bloody expensive and you have to buy insurance. Hey, why not send your Republicans here? They should enjoy that combination. By the way, our president is a Communist. I’m sure that proves something or other?

  13. Captain Stupid is back, I see. And still churning out his semi-digested stew of other right wing loons’ opinions. He did not, obviously, read the CBO report, published on January 6, 2011, which baldly states that “…CBO and JCT estimated that the March 2010 health care legislation would reduce budget deficits over the 2010â??2019 period and in subsequent years; consequently, we expect that repealing that legislation would increase budget deficits”.

    Re MANDATE, was it not Benjamin Franklin who wrote that “Taxes are the price you pay for a civilised society”?

    Re moving out of the USA, if you have one Irish grandparent, you get an Irish passport. There is something similar for Italians.

  14. @Captain Patriot “I would be ok with keeping this unconstitutional marxist monstrosity if they would just delete the MANDATE part where they force me against my will to purchase something I may or may not wish to purchase, but we know that will never happen.”

    I support Captain Patriot’s call for the disbanding of the US military, a marxist institution taxpayers are forced to pay for and which provides socialised death panel “medicine” to veterans.

    However, I’m unsure about Captain Patriot’s call to deport anyone who disagrees to Cuba however, as I feel the suggestion of reinforcing the looming forces of communism lurking there to be bordering on the subversive.

    I hope Captain Patriot does not hate Freedom.

  15. “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”

    Unemployment rate in U.S.: 9.4%

    Unemployment rate in Canada with Job-Killing universal healthcare: 7.6%

    Both stats are less than a month old. And the U.S. statistic is jiggered to look lower than it is. Methinks it’s not healthcare that’s killing jobs.

  16. You aren’t paying for unwanted junk mail. Bulk mail is profitable the handling costs are a bit less than the the price charged. The profit from the bulk mail subsidises the non-bulk letter post, which costs substantially more to handle than the price charged. If it wasn’t for bulk mail you would have to pay more for the letters you want to send.

  17. Hey Captain Idiot, what’s this about the health-care bill bankrupting America? Where were you the last 10 years? The republicans and the Bush white house already did that by serving their corporate buddies interests before yours. Wake up or deport yourself to Cuba.

  18. Wait, Captain Patriot was being serious? I thought he was a bad troll because of all the communist dictator talk. I suddenly remembered that there are people who really think Obama has become a communist dictator. : (

  19. @Captain Patriot (POE?)

    When will the marxist governor of VA stop making me buy auto insurance? If I don’t buy something I don’t want I have to pay a fine. It communism pure and simple (i.e. for the simple minded)

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