What the Christian Right thinks about the Arizona Shooting

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I wish this was a joke, but Fred Phelps is only one notch to the right of the next guy, and that guy is only one notch to the right of the next guy, and so on. And, by “to the right” I do mean more insane. As Miss Jean Brodie would say, “That does signify, bitches.”

Well, she never said it exactly like that, but you get the point. Here’s Fred:

While we’re on the topic, here’s another view, from before the shooting:

And then, there’s this: Glen Beck making an utter ass of himself, way back. He’s got some stuff to answer to.

I love Ed’s laugh at the end of the crying sequence. Bwahahahahaha!!!

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17 thoughts on “What the Christian Right thinks about the Arizona Shooting

  1. Given that the Second Amendment is about gun rights, I can see how that thread might surface while speaking extemporaneously about reticules and targets.

    Phelps may be a Democrat, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole.

  2. Will health care being made available to everyone enable that evil “minister” to seek medical help?

    Yes. But God hates healthcare.

  3. Phelps has announced that he’s going to picket the funerals. The patience of the American public is praiseworthy, but just how far can you try it.

  4. @skeptic cat: Your link shows that Phelps is not a lunatic in all matters (I knew that he had gotten the NAACP award for his lawyering on behalf of black civil rights), but the guy is still certifiably nuts. He and his followers will seize on any excuse to protest against Teh Gay, anywhere in the US. I first heard of him in the late 1990s when he and his followers came to a nearby high school (to me; I am about 2000 km from Topeka) to picket against the senior class, which had elected a lesbian couple as “class sweethearts”. He already had his official website (I won’t link directly there, but you can Google it or follow the link in skeptic cat’s post) by that time, and the URL tells you everything you need to know about Phelps.

  5. Phelps, inter alia “This is ultimatum time with God”. Six people shot dead, including a child of eleven, and he proclaims his joy? What a sad and evil pustule on the arse of humanity.

    It seems that he has condemned my country(Ireland), which may be considered a badge of honour, no?

    Details here: http://www.godhatestheworld.com/ireland/filthymanneroflife.html

    The good news is that Senator David Norris may run for President of Ireland, which will mean that Ireland finally has a queen of its own. And if that gives the evil old git a heart attack, I won’t worry.

  6. Of all the modern “christian” preachers, Phelps is the least deserving of mercy, tolerance, or respect. I’d say his mother should have aborted him, but I suspect he was hatched.

    I’m of the school of thought that you are born with a certain degree of presumed rights, and a great degree of potential. I also believe that your choices and actions in life can determine whether you’ve a right to be called “human” any longer.

    I think Phelps crushed his own humanity out many, many years ago.

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