My close personal friend Al Franken just sent me this personal private letter

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… and I thought I’d share it with you …

Dear Greg,

If you met “Don W” (not his real name) on the street, you might suspect that something was wrong with him. Listless, exhausted, glassy-eyed, Don exhibits all the symptoms of donor fatigue.

Yes. Donor fatigue. After responding generously to dozens of e-mails like this one, and giving $10, $25, or $100 to great progressive candidates like Patty Murray, Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer, and on and on, Don W. has finally hit the wall.

Unfortunately donor fatigue can have a terrible impact on candidates like Patty, great progressive leaders in neck-and-neck races against corporate-funded opponents.

Don W. can’t give any more. But you can.

Won’t you help to fight donor fatigue by donating $10, $25, or $100 to Patty Murray’s campaign today?

Studies suggest that one in four donors will experience donor fatigue at some point during their lives–and researchers believe that we are entering a “peak period” for donor fatigue now.

There’s no cure for donor fatigue (well, except for supporting candidates who will fight to reduce the influence of moneyed interests in politics). But, by stepping up to make a contribution in place of those who just plain can’t, you can make a difference.

You won’t just be fighting the troubling phenomenon of donor fatigue. You’ll be fighting against a Republican Party that wants to take us back to the Bush era, and a GOP nominee in Dino Rossi who represents the far right wing of his party.

People like Don W. would love nothing more than to be able to help Patty Murray continue her fight for clean energy, affordable health care, and good jobs. But he can’t. He’s fatigued.

That’s why people like you need to contribute to Patty Murray right now. With just a few short days left to go, her race against corporate shill Dino Rossi is up for grabs–and your contribution could make the difference. Please click here to give!

It’s terrible to think of all those poor donors, exhausted after a long campaign season. But you know what’s even worse? The thought of a Senate without Patty Murray, a Senate without her feisty wit and strong leadership, a Senate controlled by special interests that seem to be immune to donor fatigue (just look at the millions of dollars they’re spending to attack her!).

So please give. And please give today.

Thank you for your time.


P.S. — If you believe that you or someone you know may be suffering from donor fatigue, remember: There are just a few short days left until the election, and this stuff matters. Patty Murray has been a true champion on all the issues we care about, and she needs our help. So suck it up and give Patty some money already.

P.P.S. — My lawyer insists that I tell you that Don W. doesn’t exist. He’s imaginary. My lawyer knows that’s obvious, but reminds me that Republicans are not beyond making litigious mischief if we don’t include this disclaimer. But what isn’t imaginary is how much Patty Murray needs your support.

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