Republicans for Rape

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3 thoughts on “Republicans for Rape

  1. Well, considering that biblically, rape really isn’t much of a crime (just damaging someone’s property), I don’t see the disconnect there…

    Aren’t bronze age fables a wonderful way to run your life? Sometimes I sincerely wonder why the F*#$ women even bother with the abrahamistic religions. Is it some sort of Stockholm Syndrome thing going on there?

  2. This is so typical of corporations though: “We don’t want to take any responsibility so we’ll just tell you that it’s impossible to comply.” The government needs to tell them they can go fuck themselves and they will bleed huge sums of money until they get their ass in gear and do comply.

    @Mandi: I don’t see what the confusion about the title is – those Republicans are pro-rape just as the pope himself is pro-rape despite what he claims.

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