Two search engines with somewhat different foci

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First, we have SeekFind, the “Christian Search Engine” where you will not find anything that conflicts with the bible. Click here. I entered “Australopithecus” and got 163 results almost all from the Institute for Creation Research.

Second, we have the skeptical search engine, click here, which provides results from science oriented and skeptical sites. The search engine needs updating to include some of the new science blogging networks, but it still works pretty well the way it is. I entered “Bible” and got this:


You can have your pick.

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6 thoughts on “Two search engines with somewhat different foci

  1. I’m at school so don’t dare do this, but just a wonder: if, say, someone went to the christian search engine and looked for, say, adult material, would the user be struck by a lightening bolt?

    another question: who is behind this christian engine? if it was developed by one branch of christianity (methodists, say), how long will pass before members of another branch begin complaining about the errors? it seems like a project that was not intelligently designed.

  2. Dean: I went to the christian search engine and entered two sex acts. The first one returned results on dealing with Job loss and the Book of Job. The second one returned articles on homosexual health, even through this act is done by both hetro and homosexuals.

    I wondered if maybe I was pushing it a bit so I tried the Greek word for intimate love, eros. This yielded a bunch of articles on different words for love.

    The skeptical search engine yielded, straight dope articles on oral sex and on on fruit bats performing; straight dope article on HIV transmission during anal sex; and dozens of articles on a near earth object called eros.

    Neither was perfect but the skeptical engine did seem to have a larger source base.

  3. “I went to the christian search engine and entered two sex acts.”

    You were using your computer and having two sex acts at the same time? Very versatile!

  4. Hehehe; on the jesus search, “condom” comes up with articles like:

    Despite Media Claims, Condoms Don’t Prevent STDs – Probe Ministries

    (Probe ministries – how appropriate!)

    DO a search on important social topics like abortion and you do get the expected antedeluvian literature – as dictated by the god who raped the virgin Mary, no doubt. It’s a good read for anyone who believes the myth of “moderate” christianity.

  5. Wow – sure enough, look for any articles about reproduction and you get absolute garbage. For example, the “apologetics press” folks believe that biologists are baffled by the existence of sexual reproduction. They go on an on to misinterpret a phrase here and there from various books. It’s a whole world of burning stupid out there. I pity the fools who would actually use that search filter. I hope some bored geek decides to fix that jesus search.

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