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Wanted: All toolbars that can be on top should also be able to be on bottom or side, in any software, any system, anywhere, and function properly while there.

See the whole “WANTED” list here.

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4 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Nooooo! I’m always screaming “WTF!” when those stupid toolbars jump around like that. They should not change position all the time, especially not in software that literally has over 100 such buttons. Otherwise I waste a lot of time searching for them each time I want to use them. Maybe if a user could alter their preference – I wouldn’t object to that – but it has to be deliberate, not adjustable my magic keystrokes.

  2. Mad Scientist, calm yourself!

    I certainly don’t mean that the toolbars move on their own. If a tool bar moves on its own it should be summarily deleted without any delay.

    I mean that you, the user, get to chose where they go.

  3. And if and when you drag a toolbar to a different location it should not disappear along with the button that lets you make the toolbar reappear.

  4. This issue drives me crazy.
    I’m left handed, left footed, left visual. I don’t like looking away from my hand. I don’t like craning my neck. I want everything at the bottom and left of my screen.

    I pay for this stuff, and most developers won’t let me put the interface where I want.

    Use both OSX and Windows, they are all jerks.

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