Three things you can do to save the earth (form/in the US)

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Check out the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” web site.

Get rid of the senate method of fillibuster.

If you are in CA, work against Prop 23.

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6 thoughts on “Three things you can do to save the earth (form/in the US)

  1. “Get rid of the senate method of fillibuster.”

    In a little over two years the Republicans might have the Presidency, the House and between 51 and 60 Senate seats.

  2. Actually, I don’t object to the idea of the filibuster. It’s just the way it is currently implemented. Sometimes it really is good to be able to hold back issue-of-the-moment, hot-button crap. But it should be hard to do a filibuster. They really have to be there, and there can be NO other Senate business going on during the filibuster. Then, the people can see for themselves if the filibusterers are really being obstructionist, or if they really have a principled reason for their opposition.

    Also, do away with the anonymous hold.

    And one final thing: no recess appointments. They made have made sense when the Congress was widely scattered and horse was the quickest way to get them back together, but there is no sense in that any more. Instead, if the Senate has not voted up/down (filibuster included) within a prescribed time (let’s say 2 months or so), then the appointment is confirmed.

  3. Gaah; I have no time to look into Prop.23. For all I know, Big Bad Oil is paying the Sierra Club to kill it because it does the opposite of what the Sierra Club claim. This is fairly common stuff – someone proposed genuine changes which companies believe will cost them money, and they spend truckloads of money on propaganda to make everyone believe it’s a bad thing being proposed. Just look at how the vast majority of proposals to do anything significant about global warming have all been screwed over. Last year’s Copenhagen meeting? Big waste of time and money – but oh, what a party!

  4. Get rid of the senate method of fillibuster.

    Absolutely. When the republicans are in power the democrats are too feeble to use it. When the democrats are in power the repugs use it all the time. So it would clearly be of benefit to the democrats to get rid of it. They might even get something done on hose occasions when they can muster a majority. Right now they are pretty useless.

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