Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z (a free excerpt)

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… from the National Center for Science Education.

Click the picture to get the PDF of Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z

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4 thoughts on “Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z (a free excerpt)

  1. Given your interest in evolution, etc, you might find some recently web-published documents of particular interest:


    Between them they provide a generalisation of Darwin’s original hypothesis. It is not really surprising that notions of God and Darwin’s ideas seem to conflict, given that the former is all about human cooperation and the latter only deals with competition. When you add human cooperation into an evolutionary model, a whole different perception of society emerges.

  2. Many years ago (middle 1960’s) I took my wife and kids to see a number of dinosaur replicas on display at the Gulfgate Mall here in Houston. As I recall, they were eerily similar to the Sinclair dinosaurs shown in the item on Brown. Anyone know if they were the same?

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