Happy Anniversary The Going to the Moon!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary The Going to the Moon!

  1. I remember it was so important to my parents that we stay up and watch every part of this launch that was televised. It really gets my goat that there are idiots who believe it never happened.

  2. In that time frame, i happened to see figures on yearly expenditure on the space program, and yearly expenditure on picking up litter on interstate highways. We spent slightly more on picking up litter.

  3. Gwen –

    A few years after the succesful completion of the Apollo 11 mission, I mentioned it to a junior high school woodworking shop teacher. He claimed that it was a fake, staged exactly like the film “Capricorn One”. Go figure. Was absolutely stunned to hear that from a teacher.

  4. Jim, our cell phones have more computing power than those astronauts did, not to mention the ‘smart’ phones! I never heard anyone say the moon landing was a hoax, until a few years ago. It would have been so difficult to pull off a hoax of that magnitude, with 1968 technology, it was probably just easier to go to the moon!

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