Recently deported Russian spy worked at Microsoft

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Alexey Karetnikov, 23, was deported to Russia on Tuesday after admitting “he was present in the United States in violation of immigration law and voluntarily agreed to deportation in lieu of further court proceedings,”…

Microsoft confirms Karetnikov worked as an intern in 2008, then was hired an entry-level software tester last year. The company would not elaborate on its former employee’s duties, but said Karetnikov worked at Microsoft for less than a year, and no software was compromised.

Federal immigration authorities took Karetnikov into custody in Seattle on June 28, the day after the arrests of Zottoli, Mills and three other Russian agent couples who infiltrated suburban America and who were deported last week in exchange for four people convicted of betraying Moscow to the West.


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One thought on “Recently deported Russian spy worked at Microsoft

  1. Spy novel plot: a spy who is a brilliant programmer gets a job at Microsoft developing the kernel itself… and plants a back door in Windows. Russia doesn’t bother sending any more spies after that; they can just log on with their morning coffee and find out what the Pentagon and State Department are up to.

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