Would you be interested in Scienceblogs Premium Services?

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… Where you pay a little every month and get something for it, or even don’t pay but become a “member” and get something for that?

At the moment there are no plans for such a thing, but there is a survey for you to offer your opinion. Click here to take the survey.

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13 thoughts on “Would you be interested in Scienceblogs Premium Services?

  1. IMO – pay sites don’t workout. Someone else will give you the same content for free (there’s obviously unique cotnent on a blog, but blogs are dime-a-dozen). It seems like this is a natural cycle of the interwebz – we get addicted to some online resource and then they try to charge a premium for some added content. I never buy into it. I’m looking at you, Hulu (and Pandora). I feel ad-based revenue is really the only way to profit from a site. I currently pay squat for any online site (well almost, I have Sirius radio which I pay for that comes with the online version, as well as a Zune pass that allows me to stream music through that, but I did not purchase either for the web items). My ¢2

  2. “If ScienceBlogs were to launch a FREE Premium Membership…”

    I wonder if that question was a test to see if I was paying attention. I still answered Not Sure.

    “Scienceblogs Premium Services” sounds like the adult section to me. “These tits have a Ph.D.” sort of thing.

  3. The wording on the survey wasn’t very clear. I would pay a small subscription fee to unfettered access to ScienceBlogs, since I find this blog-community well worth following and participating in. But I hate “membership” kinds of things, and most of the extra “services” that were listed as possibly being included in such a premium deal would be of no interest to me.

    So… based on current wording? No. Which is not to say that I don’t value the SB content, and wouldn’t ever pay a small amount for it. I just don’t need all the other stuff that apparently would go along with a “Premium Service.”

  4. I would like experiments. I.e. what’s going on, more of it, and more chances with different stuff.

    After that it gets fuzzy, smile.

  5. I agree with Jennifer. I don’t really need any of those so-called premium services.

    It sounds like it’s trying to be more like a combination of Nature and Richard Dawkins forums with $ attached. I hardly ever log into those though I have a profile. It’s just one more profile to keep track of when I just want to use my email, url and name.

  6. I would pay $4/month, as long as ‘premium services’ included a pie of the month (and we’re talking *quality* pie)

  7. A: No

    is this place swirling the bowl or what? That might change the answer…

    Q for Sb: Why do you ask?

  8. I have no idea how many yes/no answers there are, and I’ll never know. It is not my survey.

    I will tell you that when I filled out my survey form, I basically said “no” to everything. I hate premium sites and i don’t much like logging in to sites either, though I’ll do that sometimes.

  9. Oh. I thought with all your linux ninja stuff you were involved with the technical support for this site. Also, I always see the Scienceblogs business plan posts from here so I thought you were heavily involved with the company.

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