You can get your next cell phone at Amazon

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Have you ever bought a cell phone at one of those kiosks, or in a storefront for the carrier? Actually, if you are in the US I should ask “Have you ever NOT bought a cell phone in such a place?” (In at least some other countries they don’t make the process so religious and obnoxious. You just go into Woolworth’s or something and get your phone.)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the prospect of getting my next cell phone at

According to the site, the main objective is to make buying/upgrading/etc “easier.”

The service appears to handle at least three carriers including Verizon (good for me, because that’s the one that works at the cabin).

I can get a Motorola Droid for about 20 bucks with a new account, but it goes up to 130 bucks if I admit I already have a phone. Or, if I just keep everything I have the same but replace my current phone with the Droid, it will only cost me .. 530 dollars!

Someday, there will be a revolution.

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