Yellowstone: She’s gonna blow!!!

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Well, not really.

But, as noted in Eruptions, there is a new swarm of little earthquakes underneath the Yellowstone Caldera. You’ll remember we discussed this here last time that happened. Since that time, of course, we’ve gotten to see what it would actually look like if the world’s scariest caldera (maybe) actually went off:

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5 thoughts on “Yellowstone: She’s gonna blow!!!

  1. Last year about this time I wrote a Perl program that uses GNUPlot to chart earthquakes in 3-dimensions to show the last Yellowstone earthquake swarm.

    If you are running Linux and have gnuplot installed you can run the updated program (available here for now) to get a nice rotating 3-D picture. The program is designed to allow you to cut-and-paste the earthquake lists from the USGS pages into the _DATA_ area.

  2. About eighty or so miles south of the caldera are more dead and undead traces of volcanic activity. Along the NE face of the Wind River range there is a series of large geysers not all gone into their dotage, not quite dead. One used to be a community dump. Another is a ‘secret’ swimming hole and trysting place (underground!). The one that I recall best maintains a bit of springtime even in the depths of winter.

    A depression some forty feet in diameter ringed by weathered travertine lies high on the west side of Warm Springs Canyon. From its center issues a trickle of water that, by my measurements, maintains 75 degrees F year round. This poor issue seldom flows more than a few dozen yards but it seldom flows less. Along its length thrives a wealth of life. Damn me for not taking a picture of twin shorelines of green flanked in turn by chest-deep snow.

  3. If you think it will give you warning you are wrong.
    Yes it is going to blow, not because of the swarms. Because i just know now is the time.
    I believe it will erupt twice. once in a small eruption and one Big eruption.
    It will devestate thousands.
    For all the people who previously predicted it. Now is the time. I have dreamed it and i can feel it.
    God is angry and now is the time to pray. Now is the time to get out of yellowstone

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