Help Get Running Water to a School in Guyana

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Shulinab Nursery School is located in a small village of 500 people. The school can’t get enough water from rainwater, so they need to set up a system that will let them get water pumped from a nearby windmill. The community will build and maintain the system, but it needs $500 to purchase materials.

Go here to help.

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0 thoughts on “Help Get Running Water to a School in Guyana

  1. Bill: Like what? Do you know what five hundred dollars IS in a place where a day’s wage in a job where you get money is probably one dollar, or maybe a few dollars?

    US takehome wages for a typical working class person may be something like 500 a week. In a socity where five dollars a week is a working class wage, 500 dollars is equivilant in US terms to 50,000. Maybe its equivilatn to onl 20,000. Maybe 100,000 Depends on a lot of factors.

  2. Congratulations this is now fully funded! My only concern with the project was that from my limited experience in Guyana, much of the Amerindian projects seemed to be in the hands of the missionaries. I tried to track this information down on the web but could not find anything about it being either religious or secular.
    In the long run it makes not difference the school needs water.

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