What time is it, exactly?

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How to find out the official US time:

Click here for the US Gummit Official Time Web site.

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15 thoughts on “What time is it, exactly?

  1. It doesn’t tell us when Hammer Time or Peanut Butter Jelly Time or Owl Stretching Time or Howdy Doody Time or Planck time are .

  2. But doesn’t time itself need a bit of space, some elbow room, in order to make time????

    Oh,and was there time before the Big Bang?

  3. Hey! Don’t mock the site, I’ve used it when I’ve had to if we are currently on standard time or daylight savings time so put the right embargo time on stuff.

  4. Ahh, telling time, yet another time Google is great at.

    Just do a “search” for Time [name of place]

    Examples, “Time New York” will return
    8:17pm Thursday (EDT) – Time in New York, United States of America

    “Time USA” will give you
    8:17pm Thursday (EDT) – Time in Washington D.C., USA
    Chicago 7:18pm CDT
    Denver 6:18pm MDT
    Phoenix 5:18pm MST
    Los Angeles 5:18pm PDT
    Anchorage 4:18pm AKDT
    Honolulu 2:18pm HST

    and “Time London” returns
    1:17am Friday (BST) – Time in London, United Kingdom
    London, Ontario 8:19pm -1 day EDT
    London, Arkansas 7:19pm -1 day CDT

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