Gender Difference in Skepticism?

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Are women less skeptical than men? Follow that link to find Stephanie Zvan’s analysis of the recently reported study that is making its way around the Internet. Stephanie seems to buy into the study uncritically, you know, like chicks tend to do …… NOT!

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0 thoughts on “Gender Difference in Skepticism?

  1. Skeptical in terms of religion, but not so much on ‘skepticism’ in the sense of paranormal and pseudoscience beliefs.

    If you want some more data about belief in the paranormal and pseudoscience (as well as creationism and conspiracy theory beliefs), there is a presentation on the Skeptic Zone podcast about a 2008 study done by the Australian Skeptics (episode #47) – and my own studies on my blog, which is linked to at the end of the post you linked to – ‘Women and Superstition’, in four parts. 🙂

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