St. Pete’s Fla Mayoral Candidate: “Dinos and humans lived together”

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St. Petersburg mayoral candidate Bill Foster believes, contrary to the overwhelming majority of scientists, that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. He believes the world literally was created in six days, and he once complained to school officials when his son was taught about Darwin’s theory of evolution in fifth grade.

Is that relevant to the campaign for mayor of Florida’s fourth largest city?

Yes!! And in a place like St. Petersburg Florida, it virtually guarantees a landslide victory for this yahoo!

“This city is trying to increase its employment base with respect to scientific organizations and trying to recruit scientific concerns to come here,” said St. Petersburg architect Michael Dailey, who supports Kathleen Ford, Foster’s opponent. “If our mayor has a belief system that basically rejects science, how can people take him seriously?”

Sorry, you can’t have that. If the people who might pick St. Pete’s know that Noah is running the city, and not only failing to support excellent science teaching in the local schools but actively (as he will be) working to RUIN science education in Your Fair City, then they will simply go elsewhere. There are LOTS of other places to go.

Personally, I think Florida is already beyond the pale. Elect him as mayor, attract more yahoos and repel more rational people. Concentrate the drek in a smaller number of states. I got a couple of folks up here in Minnesota who would like to retire to Florida, and this might make it more attractive for them….

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0 thoughts on “St. Pete’s Fla Mayoral Candidate: “Dinos and humans lived together”

  1. When I read the “St. Petersburg candidate” I almost thought that the governor of the _real_ St. Petersburg (in Russia) became a creationist.

    But then I sighed with relief – our governor is corrupt, illogical but at least not yet that crazy.

  2. I don’t think Jim Gurney meant Dinotopia with all its wonderful illustrations as a non-fiction book. Must be the Flintstones this gentleman is talking about.

  3. Greg, you haven’t been shopping for retirement spots for Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, have you? Granted, I can’t think of a nicer place for them than somehwere governed by someone just as far from reality as they are. They deserve no less.

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