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A rough guide to your Western Heritage.

I like “We’ve all got a birth certificate from Kenya”

Hat Tip: Pharyngula

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0 thoughts on “Latest Roy Zimmerman

  1. I totally agree about the Kenyan birth certificate, although that joke will get dated quickly enough. In fact, my original comment on the video itself was something to the effect of these days we can all get our Kenyan birth certificates mapped. πŸ™‚

  2. Greg,

    As to your objection on PZ’s blog, after listening to the song again, I see that it’s addressed to white, Republican, teabagger types, and they definitely did leave Africa.

    Also, according to Roy, this song has been evolving as he and his wife have been making changes over the years since they first cowrote it. He said as much in this Thank You video to Ashley Paramore (yes, that’s the same Ashley Paramore who organized the Creation “Museum” trip where PZ rode the Triceratops) for putting together a group colaboration video cover of his song Creation Science 101. And yes, I did take part in that video (so please watch it πŸ˜‰ ), and if you’re not sure which one is me, I’m the one who can’t sing (which means I’m not eddygoombah). πŸ˜›

  3. Actually, I noticed that Mr. Pundit; while looking at all the users that contributed, I noticed a link to your blag, but I wasn’t going to bring it up.

  4. That casino in Broken Bow, OK was a cool and weird reference. That casino sucks! The last dig I was on was just outside of Broken Bow (studying Caddos and such) and that casino was the least interesting place there.

  5. I think Roy is referring to Europeans rather than all humanity with his leaving Africa bit but at the same time I can understand Gregs point. Its remarkably common to hear the claim that we are all descendents of a small group of humans that left Africa 70,000 years ago (I even heard it on a Discovery Channel documentary narrated by Danny Glover).

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