The history of fake conservative protests

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4 thoughts on “The history of fake conservative protests

  1. Guardian of the Poll (Aug5,’09 10:30 PM), there’s no need to have a town hall meeting in your area, we’ll gladly bus you to one (e.g. see www_joinpatientsfirst_com/bus-tour). It’s all paid for (perhaps from your health insurance premium, if you were healthy enough to deserve health insurance [I’m afraid we cannot cover your mental health, though, you know how it is with pre-existing conditions.])
    Our parent organization, americansforprosperity_org, also has tours for climate-change deniers. You can make a career of this! There’s also Freedomworks, equally well financed.

    P.S. Cutting out a public option has already helped our friends’ and member’s stock prices, see (or, in more detail, )
    so that’s why we are so happy to drive people like you around the country in buses.
    (I posted a comment about this at Freedomworks, thanking them for their good work to improve my stock portfolio value, but it’s still stuck in moderation, perhaps they are too modest to accept my praise.)

  2. Actually, published my thank-you note
    (Under Blog – ‘Why the left is attacking us’). Perhaps you can comment there, too. We have all to work together to prevent socialism and keep our 20+% share of your health insurance premium. (It could fall into the governments hand, which would possibly, with only 3% overhead, spend it on doctors and hospitals and drugs, when it could be so much better used by our company for management bonuses).

  3. So a community of folks was organized into group-vocalizing their displeasure over socialized medicine. Liberals are pissy about it.

    And I thought being a community organizer was considered a higher calling these days.

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