Michele Bachmann’s Son is a Commie Pinko!

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… or something. You will recall that Michele Bachmann has lambasted Americorps, the Bill Clinton Legacy program like the Peace Corps, as a political re-education camp in the service of the Liberal Left Wing. WEll, Harrison Bachmann, son of Michele, entered the program just a couple of weeks ago.

Details at DMB, who has broken this news exclusively. (Chalk up one for the Blogosphere.)

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0 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann’s Son is a Commie Pinko!

  1. FYI – She starts talking about it at around 1min 40sec.

    I’m giggling a little on the inside although I think her main concern was making Americorps mandatory for our youth.

  2. Bet for sure she wouldn’t want her little snookums to serve in the military and have that be mandatory like a draft. But no, like Cheney, he should get out of mandatory service of any kind. At that he’s an official’s kid and get shooed into a cush job and schooling. How is that any different than sucking off society’s teat and getting a free ride (privileged class) and a handout like someone on welfare from their tainted point of view? But privilege is their right and status quo, enforced equality of social burden unfair. They should only get to profit from it than pay for it.

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