Observations on sexism in the skeptics movement

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… by Skepchick by “carr2d2” … touch on a wide range of topics that make TAM7 seem like a microcosm of the blogosphere, academia, and to some (limited) extent the broader society.

“…a lot of men in the skeptical movement, well intentioned as they may be, have a tendency to look at women as though we are some sort of separate species; monolithic and mysterious…”

Regarding commentary on women’s dress at the conference by Drescher, “I honestly find it difficult to know where to begin here. You want more women in skepticism, but when they show up without properly camouflaging their sexuality you call them out on your blog?..” and “The answer to the larger societal problem at hand – the sexy/smart dichotomy – is not for all of us women to unsex ourselves. As women, we need to move away from the idea that there is only one acceptable way to be taken seriously as a woman in a historically male dominated arena.”

Start with this commentary by Car2d2, then check out subsequent posts on Skepchick for important followups.

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