Happy Birthday Gregor Mendel

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Mendel was born on July 20th, 1822. He is famous for his discovery of peas and genetics.

Here is his stuff translated into English.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Gregor Mendel

  1. Like Robert, I dispute the assertion that Gregor Mendel discovered peas.

    It does seem rather strange that it took so long for someone to say “hey, look, the progenitors have an effect on the offspring” even though I’d be surprized if people hadn’t been commenting about how much so-and-so’s son looked like the butcher/milkman/parish priest even before Mendel’s discovery.

  2. “Like Robert, I dispute the assertion that Gregor Mendel discovered peas.”

    Were you there when they were discovered? I didn’t think so. They aren’t mentioned in the Bible, so they weren’t
    around 2,000 years ago. That settles it for me.

  3. Gregor Mendel is one of my favorite scientists. I don’t really know why, but I admire him more than anyone else. I feel like he is often under-estimated and overshadowed by other scientists like Einstein, Darwin, and the Curies. His experiments were so simple and revealed so much. Amazingly, he discovered all this before we even knew for sure that DNA was the unit of inheritance. His work set up ideas for so many scientists who followed him.

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