Skepchickcon is this weekend!

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Skepchickcon is a Track at Convergence 2009. Convergence 2009 is one of those science fiction conventions where everyone dresses up as Klingons and such. I’ve never been to one but I’ve sure seen plenty of them on TV and in the movies.

Skepchickcon is a “Track,” which means it is a series of panels and stuff integrated with systematic planned partying parallel to other “Tracks” at the convention.

Personally, I’m on three of the panels: Blogging Skeptically; Science Online, and Evolution 101. Plus I’ll try to attend some of the parties.

Here is my schedule:

I’m less sure about the July 3rd stuff, but I’ll do what I can.

There is much more information available about Convergence and 2009, as well as the Skepchickcon Skeptics track here at Skepchick.

There is also a facebook page here.

Anyone else going? Who/what are you dressing up as?

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0 thoughts on “Skepchickcon is this weekend!

  1. I’ll be there (been going to Convergence since the first), dressed up as an unemployed programmer (hey, not all of us are costumers :).

    I must wonder what they were thinking scheduling a panel at 9:30am on a Saturday…

  2. I’ll get my schedule posted later, but wow, you should see Kelly’s. There’s a reason guests of honor get assigned someone to do their running for them.

    The cage match looks interesting….

  3. I’ll be there in jeans and a shirt. I was there last year and oddly not many people dressed up, nothing like what you see from ComiCon footage.

    I hope to make it to all the Skeptic panels, but I have people coming in from out of town that will likely want to see other things around the Cities.

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