Coleman will NOT run for governor of Minnesota

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… Entire state breaths collective sigh of relief …

Speculation was mounting in St. Paul and elsewhere that Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s decision not to seek a third term in 2010 — perhaps to seek the 2012 Republican U.S. presidential nomination — means Coleman is planning to end his legal battle with Democrat Al Franken to overturn his recount loss in November’s Senate race and instead run to replace Pawlenty.

But unnamed Coleman sources say that’s not the case, the Washington publication Politico reported Monday.

“Not at all,” said the source. “He ran for U.S. senator, wants to continue being a U.S. senator. … What (Pawlenty) has done or not done has never been a factor in his decision-making.”


Of course, he has been known to break his promises before. Every time, in fact.

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