Which is Better: Cats or Dogs?

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OK, so the Dawg obvoiusly wins. Let’s give the katz one more chance:

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11 thoughts on “Which is Better: Cats or Dogs?

  1. Cats know better than to try playing dead. They know anything dead is fair game for being eaten. That’s why humans don’t dare play dead around their cats.

  2. Two comments here:

    First,I loved that video of the cat chasing the bear away. That was precious! Second, somewhere in my absolutely massive oollection of pictures of critters(and horses, and Neandertal reconstructions, eI have a picture, taken several years ago, some place in Siberia(yeah, literally), of a Siamese cat mother nursing some baby wolf pups whose parents had been killed or injured. She was nursing them quite happily, along with her kittens. . . .
    Anne G

  3. I think dogs and cats are both ok. Some people are dog people.But some people are cat people.So in conclusion it all depends on what kind of person you are.

  4. my opinion is that dogs are better. why? because if you throw a ball for a cat do you think its going to fetch it? i doubt it. yet a dog could have had a bath could have stayed up all night barking and could have just come from a walk and you throw a ball and it will fetch it! that is what i call loyalty and a pet. dogs are amazing! (15079059)

  5. I for one can not choose between cats and dogs seeing that both creatures make wonderful companions (15090478)

  6. I do not like the fact that cats and dogs are being compared, because I am a fan of both. I find them both as very interesting and intriguing creatures in their own very special way.

  7. I believe that both these beautiful animals are wonderful pets to have . They have different characteristics and it all depends on what your personality is , that determines which animal is the one for you . Dogs are more loyal and playful , whilst cats are self sufficient and they don’t exactly eat just anything , they like to be taken care of in special ways . Both these animals need love and attention and I would never be able to choose between them


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