New Creationist Videos Being Produced in Area High School

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This just in:

Dear Greg,

We are excited about our new public service campaign and it should be fully implemented within a month. Here’s the scoop:

This Thursday, May 28th, we will be at a local high school to
tape 3 presentations that will cover the following topics:

  • – Fossil Evidence
  • – The Truth about Genetics and Evolution
  • – How Does Evolution Supposedly Work?

Because most students respond better to interactive forms of learning, we have decided to offer free downloads of these videos as well as the supporting documentation for each of them.

Depending on future funding, we will be adding more and more videos and we will also be doing weekly webcam updates that will offer you the most recent scientific research. It’s coming forward fast and furious and it’s ALL goods news for us!

Please pray that I would have a Godly countenance and that God gives me wisdom and clarity for each word that is spoken.

We will send out an email when the uploads are available and thank you so much for your past and present prayers. It’s a fierce battle and I would be lost without them.

In Christ,

Julie Haberle
Who Is Your Creator

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0 thoughts on “New Creationist Videos Being Produced in Area High School

  1. This is someone who is a regular troll at Stand up for REAL science I believe…

    Is this someone you know? Maybe I’m getting blogs confused.

  2. Keep your enemies close, I guess.

    With the success I’ve noted on Youtube, where science videos regularly get 5 stars and draw the fire of Creationist vote-bots, and the “success” of such “luminaries” as “VenomFangX”, I can see why they’re trying this “tactic”. (ooooooh, scare “quotes”!)

  3. She actually signs her letters “Julie Haberle, who is your Creator”?
    And I thought my ego was big!

  4. Does this mean Julie is my creator, too? I’ve got a bone to pick with her about some minor nerve damage and some slight hair loss. And while we’re at it, why didn’t she create me with a Snoopy Snowcone Machine built right in?

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