Homeschooling + cult = NC ruling

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Regarding home schooling mom Vanessa Mills, of Wake County, NC, USA:

…Mills … grew alienated from her husband and parents after joining a religious group that some former members call a cult, the judge in the case said Tuesday…

…Judge Ned Mangum ruled March 6 that it would be in the best interests of Venessa Mills’ three children to go to public school this fall.

That ruling, in an ongoing divorce case between Venessa and husband Thomas Mills, sparked national attention from conservatives who maintain that Mangum overstepped his bounds.

“Based on all of the evidence, the court finds that Ms. Mills engaged in behavior that alienates the minor children from their maternal grandparents, their aunt, and most importantly their father,” Mangum wrote.

Among other provisions, the written order said the parents will have joint custody of the children — who are 12, 11 and 10 — and that both parents can “practice their own religion and expose children to same.”

The ruling amplified Mangum’s reasons for ordering the change in schooling, noting that he recognizes the benefits of home schooling. It goes into significant detail about the Washington state-based Sound Doctrine Church to which Venessa Mills belongs. “It is in the best interest of these minor children based on all of the evidence presented that Mr. Mills, a father with equal rights, should be allowed to expose the children to more than just the experiences that Venessa Mills desires,” Mangum wrote.

Magnum’s ruling quotes people named as former members of Sound Doctrine who describe the institution as abusive. They say Sound Doctrine practiced brainwashing and was run by fear and manipulation.


This is a bit old, but I just came across it. (Hat tip: DOC)

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  1. On several levels, this is a fantastic ruling. On a personal level, it makes me hopeful about a relevant situation that I am dealing with.

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