Hugging Down, Hand Washing Up

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About one in 10 Americans have stopped hugging and kissing close friends or relatives because of concerns about swine flu, according to a survey released Friday. About the same number have stopped shaking hands.

Health officials have emphasized other measures to prevent spread of the virus, like washing hands and using hand sanitizers. The survey found about two-thirds of Americans are taking such steps.


Of course, with the Democrats in the White House, hugging was artificially inflated to begin with, but this downward trend is still ungood.

Have you stopped hugging?

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0 thoughts on “Hugging Down, Hand Washing Up

  1. Oh hell no. For one, I’m not really given the choice – when I go certain places, hugs happen whether I want to hug or not. For another, I am not going to forgo normal human interactions for fear of getting sick. I may hold me breath when I hug someone who looks a bit off, occasionally forgoing altogether if someone appears to be particularly ill – but fuck avoiding the things that make life enjoyable, such as loving contact with my fellow humans.

    Not hugging means the terro…I mean the swine flu wins!!!

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