Coleman Appeals Election Ruling to MNSC

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The Star Tribune reports that Norm Coleman has filed an appeal with the Minnesota Supreme Court. He did so late Monday. I believe this is nine days after the lower judicial panel’s decision, which places this appeal just under the deadline. Clearly, Coleman has a strategy in mind that has little to do with the advancement of Democracy or the representation of Minnesotans. He should be ashamed of himself. But he appears to lack that emotion. Perhaps he was knocked on the head as a kid or something.

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13 thoughts on “Coleman Appeals Election Ruling to MNSC

  1. Is there anyway that Franken can just skip straight to the SCOTUSA to get this over with? Cause you know when the MNSC makes a ruling its still going up to the top anyway. (I’m not an American, so don’t know if this is possible)

  2. He is out for one thing primarily:
    “me, me, me, me, me”

    Except that this time, it looks like he’s carrying the spear (and wearing the red shirt) for someone else.

    Quid pro quo? No way to really know.

  3. The Master said, “See what a man does.
    “Mark his motives.
    “Examine in what things he rests.
    “How can a man conceal his character? How can a man conceal his character?”

    –Analects of Confucius.

  4. Franken has no reason to appeal to any higher court since he’s getting what he wants. All he can do is respond to each subsequent appeal until Coleman gives up or exhausts his options. Coleman is already paying Franken’s legal fees, so at this point the best we can hope for is that he runs out of cash soon, or sucks up as many GOP resources as possible.

  5. Having through all of the findings in the appeals court decision (and the fact that it was anonymous,) it appears quite likely that the MNSC will not find sufficient constitutional grounds to overturn their verdict. IANAL…

    The person to watch follownig that will be Pawlenty. His response will signal his intentions for 2010.

    If he signs the election certificate to seat Franken, it means he plans to run for re-election because he knows that Minnesotans are sick of waiting for Senate Seat #2.

    If he doesn’t sign it and suggests that the case go through the Federal Courts, that means he intends to run for Prexy in 2012 and doesn’t dare upset the national GOP base.

    Popcorn, please!

  6. Greg, what comments have there been from the MN population in general over this little soap opera? Do you have any sense that they are getting to a point of screaming “enough!”?

  7. Dean,

    Minnesotans have been very patient. The news hypes the delay to an extent beyond what I sense regular people are thinking. But I hear more comments lately. I think if Coleman loses at the State Supreme Court and tries to take it to the next level (US supreme court) there might be just a little more complaining.

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