What would you pay to make Norm Coleman go away?

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A joint project by Democrats has flipped traditional fund-raising on its head, by starting a campaign aimed at collecting $1 a day from supporters “to make Norm Coleman go away.”

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a new group working to get like-minded candidates elected, has teamed up with Howard Dean’s Democracy for America to tap the wallets of Democrats who are disgruntled by the five-month-old ballot contest in Minnesota between Mr. Coleman, the former Republican senator, and Al Franken, the Democrat.


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0 thoughts on “What would you pay to make Norm Coleman go away?

  1. If they promise not to allow this opportunity to show just how petty the Teabagging Republican Mob really is, I’ll contribute. If a Democrat did what Norm Coleman has been doing for the past 5 months, the Republicans wouldn’t stand by and watch. The cries of poor loser, un-American, anti-Democracy, negating the will of the people, would be heard from coast to coast.

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