Rachel Maddow on the Franken-Coleman Senate Race Recount

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Note the continued threats of violence by the Right Wing. We continue to await word from the court.

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0 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow on the Franken-Coleman Senate Race Recount

  1. I’m a big fan of Maddow — she’s super-intelligent and funny. Who’d a thunk such a person would ever be given a network TV show?

    I think it’s a reaction to the O’Reillys and Limbaughs from whom most intelligent folks turn away from in disgust; it’s like finding a cockroach in your silverware drawer…

  2. Larry: If Bill O’Really? is a cockroach in your silverware drawer, Rachel Maddow is certainly a brilliant piece of silver in the cockroach drawer.

    Or something along those lines….

  3. What are the chances that the Federal courts would hear Coleman’s appeal? I know he promises to drag this out for years, but if the state courts have decided clearly in Franken’s favor, couldn’t the federal courts simply uphold their decision and dismiss the appeal? It seems to me that would be likely. I can see why Coleman wants to drag this out, I just don’t see why federal courts would choose to indulge him.

  4. If there is any true justice in this country, the federal courts will decline to become involved. The Repubs are all for state’s rights, at least until they feel one their own is threatened…

  5. What are the chances that the Federal courts would hear Coleman’s appeal?

    100% — all cases can be appealed to the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal “as of right.” The USSC can deny cert, but the Circuit Courts can’t.

    On the other hand, they can be mighty dang quick with a three-judge panel when a situation like this comes up where someone is trying to deny an entire State half of its representation in the Senate.

    IANAL, but there’s also the matter that once the State Supreme Court is done, the Senate can decide to seat Franken then and there. At that point Coleman would have to file for an injunction, which the courts could easily deny.

    Delay game over, Dude.

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