Progress in Evolution v. Creationism “Debate”

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Apparently, there has been some significant movement in Florida, as a major shift has occurred in public opinion regarding evolution vs. creationism. Nearly 100 percent of readers of the Orlando Sentinel, it would seem at least on the surface, to support the teaching of evolution, and not creationism, in public schools. See?



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0 thoughts on “Progress in Evolution v. Creationism “Debate”

  1. Well, this poll has been pharyngulated, you see. So, it is of course scientific and intelligent, as well.

  2. Yeah,we pharyngulated that one a while ago….

    Greg,better make sure you dont get visited by those Greg and Jon nutters that we’ve been getting regarding polls LOL

  3. I suppose the fact that I was allowed to vote from Perth, Australia, might slightly invalidate the poll.

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